Enough is Enough

Out-of-state activists are proposing changes that will make it harder to live and work in Portland.

 That’s why Portland is coming together to stop it.


Higher Rents

The proposals from DSA will drive rents up, making an expensive housing market even worse. Fewer apartments, more condos and single family houses as the market adjusts to complex regulations.


Fewer Options for Ride Share and Delivery

The DSA’s radical agenda would drive companies like Uber, Door Dash and Instacart out of Portland, making it harder for those who rely on these services.


Higher Taxes

These ill-advised changes will cost taxpayers millions, driving up property taxes and making it harder to live in Portland.


Reduced Income for Restaurant Workers

Food service workers who depend on tips would see their pay shifted to an hourly minimum wage instead, and this shift would force restaurants to hire fewer workers or lay off existing staff.


Hitting Portland’s Tourism Economy

From banning certain cruise ships to inflating costs of food, the DSA’s proposals hit the wallets of hard working residents of Portland.

The sense I’ve heard from people, and I know others have too, is that people have had enough with all the referendum questions. That’s what I hear over and over from people, ‘Enough is enough.’

Nick Mavodones

Campaign Co-Chair, Enough is Enough

Meet the DSA

The Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, picked Portland as the testing ground for what they describe as “the most radical socialist agenda in America.” This out-of-state group has found a loophole in Portland’s referendum process that threatens to make our city virtually unlivable.

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