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Out-of-state Political Organization Now Rejecting Cruise Ship Ban They Put On the Ballot

PORTLAND – The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a multi-million dollar national political organization that is targeting Portland with a series of ill-conceived referendums to establish “the most radical socialist agenda in America,” today announced they will oppose one of their own referendums.

The DSA has now formally abandoned their ballot question to ban cruise ships from Portland harbor. Their proposal was met with immediate and universal opposition from organized labor because of the job destroying impact it would have on the men and women who make their living along Portland’s working waterfront. 

“While we welcome the DSA’s change of heart on their efforts to gut the working waterfront, this episode is a perfect example of why Portland citizens are saying ‘Enough is Enough’ to the DSA’s referendum proposals,” said Nick Mavodones, Campaign Chair of Enough is Enough. “The 13 questions on this fall’s ballot will hurt workers, drive up the cost of housing, and make it harder for everyone to live and work in Portland. By switching sides on their own destructive proposal, the DSA has publicly acknowledged that even they don’t know what’s in their own ballot questions or the potential damage they could inflict on our community.”

“This is no way to run a city,” continued Mavodones. “And it’s proof positive that the DSA is using Portland as a proving ground for their own extremist policies, regardless of the real-life impact on Portland’s working people. We are encouraged by the growing grassroots opposition to these reckless ballot questions, and we look forward to the DSA having similar epiphanies for the other 12 questions they’ve put forward.”